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Henna Powder

Henna leaves are used to create the Henna Powder that we produce. The health of the scalps is enhanced by our henna hair pack, which also aids in maintaining thick, healthy-looking hair. These may be used to improve the natural color of hair while conditioning it.

Indigo Powder

Organic and devoid of synthetic dyes and preservatives, our indigo powders are available. The majority of the time, they are utilized for hair coloring and are entirely natural. These powders can be used to address scalp issues while treating your hair.

Herbal Powder

We offer Herbal Powder which aids in restoring one's healthy hair and scalp.  Our herbal powders are made from natural, hand-selected Ayurvedic herbs. We carefully choose the ingredients  of our premium goods to guarantee their top-notch quality.

Essential Oils

The most well-kept secret in nature is what is known as Essential Oils, which are a botanical extract of diverse plant elements. Each oil has a unique combination of constituents that indicate the application for which it is intended.

Ayurvedic Oils

The lubricating, moisturizing, and calming properties of Ayurvedic Oils  are carried by our oil all the way to the body's tissues. These oils may be extremely peaceful and relaxing since they communicate these properties deep into the human tissues when used for self-massage.


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